Better Bodies ~ Better Butters ~

Now offering 8 oz AND 16 oz jars!

Made with the best butters, oils and LOVE.

The Butters

Shea -moisturizes-anti inflammatory-healing-vitamins A&E-anti bacterial-anti fungal-helps eczema dermatitis and psoriasis

Aloe -rapid hydration of dry skin-helps with eczema psoriasis and rosacea-helps heal sun and wind burn

The Oils

Sweet Almond -retains moisture-smooths-boosts collagen production

Golden Jojoba -naturally conditions-calms-softens-nourishes

Vitamin E -anti aging benefits-moisturizes-heals

Coconut Oil -reduces inflammation-healing-protects

Hemp Seed Oil -balances oily skin-anti bacterial


Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Fragrance Oil.

Our new BARE butter does not include fragrance oil and comes with a hint of cocoa butter.


Okay, sooooo....I love my butters!!
Listen, as soon as you get out the shower, put on your body butter. It lasts all day!!! My favorite scent is discontinued but there are plenty of times that I’ve forgotten I had it on and would move a certain way a think “God something smells good!”  Then I remember it’s me . When I’ve freshly shave, I use it in place of’s a great alternative.

LOVE smells
SUNDAY smells like a chill summer day
ROYALTY has a soft grown & sexy look that me and my honey can both wear
My surprise scent smells like cake batter and my 16 year old quickly claimed that as hers.
[these would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas]


My husband brought me home two jars of these butters, I was nervous because my husband isn't the best when he shops for me. But baby....when I tell you that I am in love with these butters, they are so darn good. I sit and sniff it sometimes just because. 


I just tried the Baby Oh Baby and it has a really fresh scent to it. The smell was light and I was soft all day. I give it 5 stars.


I love the way MyBrothersDream feels. It’s smooth and silky. Whatever scent you pick smells good. I was really impressed when I put the body butter to the test because I wear pants to work 5 days a week so I put the body butter on and was able to wear my pants and checked later to see that my skin was not ashy. Most over the counter lotions leave my skin still ashy when I wear pants. My heels are soft. My arms has a smooth feel and kind of glistens a little. Again I am really impressed. Good Job. I recommend this product.


I absolutely love the body butter. My skin is horribly dry but the body butter has helped so much. I highly recommend this product.


I have to THANK My Brothers Dream for this product and Tanya for giving it to me for a Christmas present. My co-workers love it and so do I. After washing our hands all day, this butter still leaves our hands feeling nice and smooth.





The Dream